Mike Cooper writes:

“Tommy, just seen your new blog on the association website and it looks good. I wonder whether you can help me? I am carrying out research on my late Father Wilfred “Bill” Cooper airframe fitter 643258 on 249 from Dec 1940 t0 May 1941 when he shipped out to be part of 127 Sqn. I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew him or had info on him such as who “his” pilot(s) were and aircraft codes that he worked on or Flight letters etc. I know its a long time ago, but maybe somebody knows something. Dixie Herron recollected him but didn’t know him as such and Tom Neil didn’t know him. if you could. I think my Father appears in one of the photos in Tom Neils book “Gun button to fire” picture number 36 between pages 96 and 97 He maybe the fouth person on the left of the wing looking downwards. I know he wasn’t an armourer, and it was a staged propaganda picture but it might help any help would be gratefully received    regards  Mike Cooper”