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This book could be of interest to 249 Association Members. It tells the story of the long march of Allied Airmen Prisoners from Stalag VII to Berlin. The column of prisoners was mistakenly attacked by USAF Thunderbolts believing the column to be German Army. One of our distinguished members Mac McCaig was in this column and recalls that between 300 and 700 prisoners were killed in the attack.

The Hard Back version of the book is now available.

The long Road

The Silver Spitfire

A new book by Tom Neil. We are hoping that Tom will be joining us at The Malta reunion April 23- April 30th.

Just a reminder that the Canberra crews renion at the Petwood Hotel, Woodall, is on Friday the 1st and Saturday 2nd March.

There will be 36 attending on Friday and 47 on Saturday.

Saturday Dinner Itinerary             

7pm                   Guests gather in Petwood Annex for drinks

7pm                   Cash Bar

7.30pm             Guests called through to the Petwood Suite to be seated

7.40pm             Welcome speech by Tommy Cullen

7.50pm             Entrée served

8.20pm             Main course served

8.50pm             Dessert served

9.20pm             Tea, Coffee and Mints

I am in the process of Booking the Bosworth Hall  Hotel and Spa for the event on Feb 28th and 1st March 2014, Booking forms to be available with the next news letter.

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249 Squadron-Bradbury


249 Squadron Termali, Italy. Spitfire ’V’c ;R; Circa 1943

Royston, Nurgess, Owen, Daws, Billings, Booth, Bradbury, Valpy, Overton, Wharton, Sgt. Smith, Lovell, Hutch, Wood, F/Sgt. Smith, P/O Brown, Reynolds, Haylon, Maflin, Stafford, Eales, Taggart, Dixon, Graham, Bull, Jackson, Bowles, Mathews, Hines.

Our Thanks to John Bradbury for this Photo