Tam Syme writes “Did you know there is to be a Hunter unveiling ceremony at RAF Waddington’s front gate on June 1st?  The present 8 Sqn, which I used to command in Aden, found this old plane XE620, which is the one I flew most, back in the mid-1960s. Most of my long-time fellow aviators and many of the groundcrew from that era, will be attending. The Sqn Association is also meeting at the base, so there will be quite a turnout. Needless to say I will be there, especially as the refurbished aircraft will have my name painted on the nose, a great honor, which I have no idea what I did to deserve!! The plane is still undergoing the final retouching needs, but will be moved to Waddington in a couple of weeks”

XE620 Rebuild




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