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It is with deep regret that I have to report the passing of Mac MacGregor. Mac Passed away on May 29 th, 2013. Mac Served on the Squadron from 1963 until 1966. Our condolences and sympathy to his Wife Rhoda.

249 Sqn A Flt Cdr Mac MacGregor

Drumner Rigby
Just out for a walk after an early snack
Not looking for trouble, not watching my back
Mothers with prams holding hands with their kids
Not paying attention to the car as it skids
Caught completely off guard not expecting what comes
One man with a knife another with guns
No chance of defence no chance to fight back
Looking for help as the cowards attack
An angel arrives as the light turns to grey
A woman attempts to steer attackers away
My last thought of ‘Thank You’ never strays from my brain
As my body shuts down and I feel no more pain.

I look to my left and I look to my right
Thousands of squaddies are all that’s in sight
Uniforms are crisp and their faces are clean
No sign of anger or hate to be seen
As if by command they salute all as one
The RSM smiles, says ‘Welcome home son’.

Written by Ian Yates

Tony Cook suggests that we may like to visit Hanger 11 at North Weald during our visit for the 2013 reunion. For further details of the collection, see the link at:

I will mention a possible visit at the memorial prior to proceeding to the Squadron.

A very successful Reunion was held during the last week in April. The Reunion was led by our President Sir John and Lady Angela Sutton.

A visit to The Malta Aviation Museum included a wreath laying ceremony at the Malta Aviation Museum. This was followed by Lunch at  The Point De Vue, Rabat. This had been the building that Squadron Aircrew Members stayed during the defence of Malta. Unfortunately a number lost their lives here during an enemy air raid. The building still bares the scars.

Our Chairman Terry Gill and His wife Muriel visited Kalkara Cemetery to pay their respects to members of 249  who are buried there.

We also had a dinner together on the Saturday Evening. All in all it was a very successful week.

The 249 members after the wreath laying at the Commemoration Chapel

The 249 members after the wreath laying at the Commemoration Chapel

To see more photographs of the reunion go to the following link: