Laurie Morton writes

The Kent Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge, near Folkestone, Kent is very worthwhile visiting.  It is a moving and fascinating experience.  RAF Hawkinge was the nearest airfield to the Channel coast and thus the nearest to the Battle, so it saw a great deal of action.

The museum offers an extensive range of exhibits, part and complete fighter aircraft, both RAF and German, and salvaged bits thereof, vehicles of the time and a large number of engines etc..

The museum presents a balanced  record of the Battle, so, uniquely, both sides are fairly equally represented.  Again uniquely, the various exhibits have been painstakingly researched to discover the precise aircraft from which they came and the name of the pilot.

In many cases the historian/researcher, Dave Brocklehurst, who is also the chairman of the Kent Battle of Britain Museum Trust, and his volunteer colleagues at Hawkinge have made contact with the families of the deceased young men and obtained personal photographs to accompany the exhibits.  This enables a  detailed,  and emotive, accompaniment to each one

This is the only museum to take this approach, and as a result it is visited by many Germans, appreciating the respect paid to their combatants, as well as our own.  They too had little choice in the matter.

Recently, Dave Brocklehurst was nominated by eleven  Battle of Britain veterans and was recognised in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List with an MBE.  A worthy measure of the quality of the museum and his work there.

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