Battle of BritainI have recently received this letter from a Mr J Hall of Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

“Dear Sir:

I recently acquired a small note book that is a three day diary by a Hurricane pilot in 1940.
There is unfortunately no name, or identification in the notebook, however from names in the
booklet it seems certain that he was a member of 249 Sqn .

My find seems to be quite a historical document, as although there is no mention of the year, this can only be 1940, as he is engaging massed flights of Dornier 215’s over what can only be 10 Group, and as the first date is 15 September this has to be a firsthand account of Battle of Britain Day, this is confirmed by his entry saying “185 E. A shot down today, a boozy party this evening”.

I wonder if you would be interested in helping me trace the identity of this unknown hero ?

Does he have any surviving relatives who would value the notebook, if not would it be appreciated in a museum?, or perhaps on your website?

How I obtained this “trophy” is another mystery in itself.”

If any one can help or has any suggestions on how to find out more info,

please contact me.

Hon Sec. Tommy Cullen