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Children of St. Asaph mark the 70th  anniversary of D-Day at the City War Memorial

The 70th Anniversary of D-Day (Normandy Landings 1944) was duly

marked by some of the children of St. Asaph, North Wales from local

schools namely Ysgol Esgob Morgan [Bishop Morgan School] and also the

VP School of the city. The youngsters took part in a short commemorative service on the morning

of Friday June 6th 2014 at the War Memorial in the City of St. Asaph. The

event had been organised by Charles Leach in partnership with the North

Wales NVA and the service was led by the Reverend Canon M R Balkwill.

The Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd (Philip Eyton Jones) and the

Chairman of Denbighshire County Council (Councillor Brian Blakeley)

were in attendance with the St. Asaph Mayor and other representatives.

The children representatives from Ysgol Esgob Morgan laid a NVA poppy

wreath and pupils from the St. Asaph VP School laid two poppy crosses at

our focal point. The Mayor of St. Asaph laid a poppy cross at the War

Memorial and later the Deputy Lord Lieutenant saluted the memorial

stone at the end of the service.

The event was a call for remembrance, peace and reconciliation and to

honour people past and present who had all made different sacrifices to

defend the freedom of the United Kingdom.

As it happened, the Normandy Landings formed part of the largest armada

of troops in history. This huge task force of the allied forces liberated

countries in Western Europe from German occupation on their way into

Nazi Germany itself and thus the Second World War finally ended in 1945

after the fall of Berlin. Many lives were lost in the grim prosecution of war.

In years to come we hope that the children who attended the

Commemoration will reflect positively on the St. Asaph event accordingly.

Local NVA stalwart Mr. D.R. Thomas (Roddy) was unable to attend the

event this year and he gave us his blessing.

Our Thanks to Charles Leach for letting us know about this commemoration.