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BBMF Battle of Britain 75th Formation 2015

BBMF Battle of Britain 75th Formation 2015

The RAF today unveiled at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire a state-of-the art Typhoon fighter jet in a Battle of Britain era paint scheme to commemorate this year being the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and to acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of those often referred to as “The Few”: the aircrew who took part in the battle. The Typhoon is also painted with the 249 Squadron identification number of the only Fighter Command pilot awarded a Victoria Cross during the battle: Flight Lieutenant James Brindley Nicolson VC DFC. The Typhoon along with a WWII Spitfire, as part of a Synchro-pair, will perform aerial displays at air shows across the UK this summer.

The Typhoon will be flown by Flight Lieutenant Ben Westoby-Brooks from Coningsby’s 29(R) Squadron; he said, “It is a great privilege to fly this extraordinary aircraft in recognition of the sacrifices made by our predecessors 75 years ago. Their task of securing the skies was critical in the summer of 1940 and it’s an honour to pay tribute to those few brave airmen who gave their all when the stakes were so high”.

The Battle of Britain ranks alongside the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo as one of the most significant in British history. It was the first strategic defeat suffered by the Nazi Third Reich during the Second World War. The victory by the RAF enabled the Western Allies to later launch the liberation of Western Europe and compel the Nazis to fight on two fronts leading to their consequent defeat.

The success of the RAF was due not just to the exceptional bravery and skill of the aircrews of Fighter Command but also those of Bomber and Coastal Commands and the many women of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force who worked tirelessly to repulse the threat of invasion – the many who supported the few.

RAF Coningsby Station Commander, Group Captain Jez Attridge said, “This fully operational Typhoon will be a dynamic reminder to all that see it over the summer of the link between the modern Royal Air Force and The Few that defended our nation 75 years ago during the battle. Today that mission endures with Typhoons on Quick Reaction Alert, every minute of every day.” The RAF’s Quick Reaction Alert Typhoons defend the UK against potentially hostile aircraft approaching the UK sovereign airspace. Group Captain Attridge added: “The technology has changed since the Battle of Britain but the mission for the RAF to protect the UK remains unchanged”.

BBMF Battle of Britain 75th Formation 2015

BBMF Battle of Britain 75th Formation 2015


16 May 1940

On 16 May 1940, 249 squadron reformed as a fighter squadron at RAF Church Fenton.Battle of BritainWe are fortunate to have one of the origional members of the reformed Squadron today, Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC. Tom is the Association’s President.

We salute his generation and all those who served on 249 through the years.

Charles Wilson

It is with sadness that I have been informed of the Death of Charles Wilson. Charles flew with 249 in Italy and the Balkans, and has been a contributor to the newsletter for a numbers of years. Charles lived in Italy, I received the information from his friend Remo Ciuffardi. Our thanks to Remo.

Charle's spitOur sympathy goes out to his family and friends