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Next year will see members of the Squadron returning to Malta for a reunion.

It is only fitting that at this time of the year we remember  some of the members of our Squadron who served, and in some cases gave their lives in the defense of Malta, their Monarch and Country.

Malta Christmas

‘B’ Flight 249 Squadron.(taken by Flt. Lt. Norman Lee).
Left to Right: Hap Kennedy, A. E. “Ernie” Budd, Laddie Lucas, Eric
Hetherington (or Frank Jones, RCAF), Virgil P. Brennan, Middlemiss
(?), George “Buzz” Beurling (with bomb), George Swannick, ?.
Identifications by Alvise Scerri, and Tim Budd.
Photo courtesy of Patrick Lee (Canada).

A merry Christmas from 249 Squadron Association Members

It is with deepest regret that I have to announce the Death of Tony Gronert. Tony served on 249 as a Venom Pilot under S/Ldr John Gibbons , S/Ldr Gough S/Ldr  Jock Maitland from 1954 until 1957. He was a great supporter of the association and will be sadly missed. Our Sympathy goes out to his partner Mary, his relatives and friends from all the members of 249 Squadron Association.

Tony Gronert

Tony Gronert

Sir John and Lady Angela talking to the Venom Crews

Tony talking with Lady Angela Sutton North Weald Reunion August 2012

Tony Gronert and Mick Waterhouse watch the Spitfire copy

Tony and Mick Waterhouse at Jock Matland’s memorial.


The final figures are in for attendance at the 25th  anniversary of the Canberra  Air Crew and Ground Crew reunion at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa. There will be 36 members in attendance on Friday 1st March and 43 at the Saturday evening Dinner.

The first reunion took place at the Cambridge Moat House Hotel on 13 May 1987. It was attended by Brian Terry, Ben Bennett, Reg Mable, Dave Tisbury, Herbie Larkman and their Ladies.

It has grown steadily since then with the apex being in the period that the reunion was held in Abingdon with attendances in the 60’s.

Our thanks go to the  members who organised the first reunion, it has allowed us to renew friendships which are now over 50 years old.